meli melo thela bag

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I’m really into bags that are functional, chic and are made of excellent quality materials. This meli melo bag, designed by Melissa del Bono, is made of deer leather, has great soft texture and its patented inverted handles mean a revolution for design.

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The designer works with the finest Italian leather, creating unique bags by using beautiful tones of animal skin and vibrant colors. Each season this bag is reinterpreted with new models. The collection consists of ten different bags that cover every part of the day, from informal events to work evenings.

Of course, we have seen many celebs waring this bag, but as the ultimate example of style and luxury, yet not-trying-too-hard looks we have Olivia Palermo. She has worn this bag from the streets to fashion shows, looking really chic. In the photos we appreciate the Thela Bag in three colors: gray, fluorescent pink and brown.

Olivia Palermo wears a leopard printed skirt in New York City

Although this season is composed by some exotic models in fluorescent colors and snake texture, I prefer the classic tones like camel, grey or black. Their practical yet chic character makes this bag a sure investment for our complement section in our wardrobe.

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Captura de pantalla 2013-07-01 a la(s) 16.28.27el_estilo_de_olivia_palermo_313715511_800x1200 el_estilo_de_olivia_palermo_771273126_800x1200Photos taken from: and




Saturday Afternoon


This is a very relaxed look for the weekend. Just a nice sweater (I love the colour of my new sweater!), leggins and a pair of slippers and that’s it! I like looks that are simple and have a special complement, in my case, my bag. The pictures are not very good, we tok them with my cellphone, but I think you can appreciate the color.
Have a nice week!

Este es un look muy relajado para el finde. Con tan sólo un suéter bonito (me encanta el color de mi nuevo suéter), unos leggins y un par de slippers está todo hecho! Me gustan los looks que son simples pero llevan algún complemento especial, en este caso, el bolso. Las fotos no son muy buenas, las hemos sacado con mi móvil, pero creo que podéis apreciar el color.
¡Que paséis buena semana!


Sweater: Zara

Slippers: Zara

Bag: Zara

Elche Bloggers fashion Weekend


Hi everyone!

I’m back and I bring amazing news: the Elche Blogger Fashion Weekend. We went to Elche on Saturday to enjoy the day full of bloggers, photographers and stylists. The organisation was great and we could listen to our favorite bloggers and their experiences, points of view and tips.

We met lovely people and the approach to the fashion world the professionals gave us was really helpful in order to know which path to take and guide us.

In the picture: Charlie from Glamour Narcotico, Alicia from Los Melisos and our classmates Candela and María.

Hope there is a second EBFW next year!

¡Hola a todos!

Ya he vuelto y os traigo noticias: las jornadas del Elche Blogger Fashion Weekend. Fuimos a Elche el sábado para disfrutar de un día lleno de bloggers, fotógrafos y estilistas. La organización fue estupenda y pudimos ver y escuhar a nuestras bloggers favoritas y sus experiencias, puntos de vista y consejos.

Conocimos gente maravillosa y la aproximación al mundo de la moda que nos dieron los profesionales fue muy útil para saber que camino seguir y guiaros.

En la foto con: Charlie de Glamour Narcotico, Alicia de Los Melisos y nuestras compañeras Candela y María.

Waering / Llevo:

Top: Zara

Blazer: Mango

Shorts: Lefties

Slippers: Zara

Purse: Vintage

My 1st blog award


The other day i received a comment saying that there was a surprise for me: my 1st blog award. I want to thank Easo 20 for thinking of me, but especially, I want to thank all the people reading my blog, it’s simply great!

El otro día recibí un comentario diciendo que había una sorpresa para mi: mi primer premio blogger. Muchas gracias a Easo 20 por pensar en mi, pero especialmente, muchas gracias a todos los que leéis mi blog, es simplemente genial!

My top10 / mi top10:

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Congratulations on your blogs!

Enhorabuena por vuestros blogs!

Al recibir este premio te comprometes a seguir la cadena:

  1. Nombrar en tu blog a quien te concedió el premio y agradecérselo.
  2. Conceder el premio a otros 10 blogs con menos de 200 seguidores.
  3. Seguir al menos al blog que te ha otorgado el premio
  4. Informar a los blogs a los que le das el premio

By receiving this award you must:

1. Name the person who gave you the award and thank him/her.
2. Choose 10 blogs, with less than 200 followers) to give them your award.
3. Follow the blog that gave you the award.
4. Let the blogs you give the award know about it.



Hi everyone! It’s hard for me to post lately because I’m really busy with deadlines and exams, but I want to show you some photos of the editorial we had to compose. I think the result is very nice. The theme was the contrast between masculine and feminine, soft and hard…
I want to thank Amparo Majado (model) for her help!

Hope you like it!

¡Hola a todos! Últimamente me resulta difícil hacer posts porque estoy muy liada con entregas y exámenes, pero quiero enseñaros unas fotos que hicimos para una editorial de clase. Creo que el resultado es muy chulo. El tema era el contraste entre lo masculino y lo femenino, lo suave y lo duro…
¡Gracias a Amparo Majado (modelo) por su ayuda!

¡Espero que os guste!





Chiara’s Boy


Chiara's Boy

Chiara’s also wearing her own Chanel Boy. Love the version she’s chosen with the white and brown stripes and how she styles the outfit by mixing textures and maintaining the basic colors.

Chiara también lleva su propio Chanel Boy. me encanta la versión que ha elegido con las rayas blancas y marrones y cómo estiliza el conjunto combinando texturas y manteniendo los colores base.

Picture from: The Blonde Salad